03 March 2014
Kiss my lips
We know, Valentine's Day is long gone , but kisses never go out of fashion : as long as the season is unstable, keep on hand a natural hand-made remedy to have lips always perfect. How to do it at home in a few moves ? Our contributor Martina from blog My corner alchemy will teach us.

Today's recipe is simple, fun to realize, fast , cheap and chic...! We will prepare together a elegant and fashionable colorful cocoa butter for moisturise and soft your lips. Let's get started !

You will need these ingredients:
1 teaspoon of cocoa butter
1 teaspoon beeswax
2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil
half a teaspoon of colorful eyeshadow or oxide or mica (if you want to be very colorful add more color powder).

We have to put all the ingredients , except the colored powder , in a short glass . We leave in a water bath for a few minutes to melt the ingredients. Remember to stir vigorously occasionally to dissolve the ingredients faster. We remove from the bath, add the colored powder and stir to mix the ingredients . Pour the liquid mixture into the well clean stick (you can recycle a chapstick or finished lipstick )

Let solidify for about half an hour and... Done! The preparation is preserved up to 4 months at room temperature .

Thanks Martina, an enormous SMACK!
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