28 February 2014
Super DDmag
For today's style column we moved to Super in Milan, where DDmag is on a mission on the behalf of Pitti Immagine. We took so many notes on the latest trends for next winter, and starting from Monday you'll be able to see our style picks on Pitti's website (what an accomplishment!). Let's dive into the coolest new things of next season with the help of Marialucia Mainardi's photos.

What we love:
these shoes in calf hair made by Yu, to be perfect everyday
the beautiful Lardini coats, equivalents of sporty elegance
these glasses for modern vamps with heart-shaped or round frames, fully covered in ribbons and flowers
these backpacks made of male vintage shirts
the silk Denovembre scarves by Judith Bourdinuns, for their patterns and because they are completely handmade
the almost lunar coats and jackets made of neoprene
Francesca Evangelista's muff bag, which combines style and comfort
Benedetta Bruzziches' creations: special bags that are almost like talismans that hold special emotions, like those she gave us the first time we met her for her DDmag interview.

Did we arouse your curiosity?

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