13 June 2014
Postcard from Spello
Up we go, down we go, then up again, and then we discover Spello, the beautiful city we want to accompany you in with today's post. A post which is a little special, almost as a postcard that Luisa is virtually sending to all our Ddmag readers, to give us a glimpse of an ancient beauty.

Dearest readers,
please take a walk with me in Spello's alleys. Spello is a city that stands out in the Umbrian landscape, and ends sheltered on the slopes of Subasio Mountain. To welcome us in the city stands the 'Portonaccio', a gate from the 14th century that grants our entrance in the ancient village of Spello: alleys, towers, doors, and courtyards that offer us a very suggestive Roman and Medieval scenery. Time seems to have stopped and it is now set by another kind of clock: that of slow steps, of gazes directed to the sky and to flowery balconies, and of the taste for local products.
Have a look at the gallery and walk with me... a great beauty is waiting for you!


We send you lots of love and we wish you a pleasant journey,
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