01 July 2013
the DNA of Chilesottit family
The photograph is in the DNA of Chilesottit family : once we made Pietro to tell us how his passion and the profession for photografy was born, and today we passed the word to his son Luke, also a photographer and a DDmag dear friend (see his pictures of the post of Grazia.it!).

From father to son, how the photography passion were transmitted in your family?

In a natural way: I always "breathed" the air of the studio that it was initially on the ground floor of the building where we lived.

What do you most passionate about? And what are your points of reference?

Fashion photography, which I later specialist. For the reference points I would say the greats of fashion photography / portrait: Richard Avedon, Albert Watson, Irving Penn, Annie leiboviz or the italians Ferri, Toscani and Gemelli . Then come the contamination with the most current picture of
Rankin, clean and simple, Lachapelle, Baroque and noisy, and the super-style cinematic productions of Peter Linberg. A mix of two things, '80s, and 2000: this is not my style.

Tell us about the service that we see in the gallery?

This shooting is the result of a work research : for me it is important to produce new images and improve myself to offer my customers a service that combines innovation and professionalism. Here for example, I studied the effect of smoke and dominant bluish. The location chosen is a flight school, the clothes are kindly provided by Peserico Spa. The title of the work is deliberately playful "Pindaric Flight Academy", which translated would sound more or less like a "school of flight of fancy." The model is the TV presenter Silvia Ceccon and makeup commit to Face By Nico Baggio.

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