07 January 2013
Holidays are over, let’s getting back in shape without forgetting the taste! QB girls suggested a receipt that is perfect for us. Among the ingredients there is green tea, which has got important detox features.

Hake in green tea steam

Ingredients for one person:

200gr of cleaned Hake (or 4 filets of frozen hake)
1 spoon of green tea
1 tea spoon of evo oil
Salt and pepper

Pour the green tea in a pot with boiling water. Put the hake in the steamer, lean it on the pot and cover. After 5 minutes check that the meat is clear. Dish, season with oil and garnish with coloured pepper.

Nutritive values: 186 kcal
Proteins: 34 gr (72.9%)
Fats: 5.6 gr (27.1%)
Carbs: 0 gr

Enjoy your meal!

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