04 September 2012
Venice today is taking care of cuddling my taste. We are at the “Osteria Orto dei Mori”, established by a young Sicilian chef, who proposes a very simple and traditional cooking, based on first quality products and the wines of his canteen. The surrounding is as cosy and evocative as the city where it is, but far away from the touristy areas – in the fine weather one can enjoy the fondamenta and the nearby campo with a view on the canals and bridges, near Tintoretto’s birthplace and only a few moments from the curch of Madonna dell’Orto. I really suggest you to pop by, shall you be in Venice for a weekend in the end of the summer – you’re going to feel on holiday again!

The chef gave me a receipt, I’m reporting it exactly as he wrote it.

Pancakes with ricotta, scampi and Italian chicory

Ingredients for 3 people:

n. 6 pancakes
gr.180 of ricotta
n.1 radicchio head
1/4 onion
gr. 90 scampi meat
gr.20 of parmesan

1. Mince the onion; pan fry slowly and add the radicchio (cleaned and cut). Add salt, pepper and end the cooking.

2. Mix the ricotta with the chilled mixture together with the boiled and snipped scampi, parmesan; add salt and pepper.

3. Fill in the pancakes with the mixture; close it like a little pack and garnish with a slice of cheek lard (see picture).

4. Spread the pancakes with parmesan and olive oil; cook au gratin at 170/180° for 10 minutes.
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