29 May 2014
Let’s get to the heart of Doctor Zanier’s column. Today he will discuss exclusively for DDmag about a very widespread problem: the Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
When we eat the food goes through the oesophagus and goes into the stomach. Between these two structures there is a valve called upper/lower oesophageal sphincter, or cardia. The cardia opens and closes when the food passes, in order to avoid the gastric juices to flows up. If this valve doesn’t work the food tends to goes up the oesophagus and this can bring some consequences. The stomach can bear an acid environment, but the oesophagus is not shielded enough, which means that the gastric juices in it would irritate its tissues.
Which are then the main signals of the GERD? First of all the heartburn, a burning pain behind the breastbone, the regurgitation, mouth-pain, stomach-ache and many others. How can osteopathy help with the GERD? The therapist will slacken the tensions located in the cardia area, balance the bodily diaphragms (in particular the abdominal), stimulate the autonomic nervous system in the places connected to the oesophagus and relax it.
Besides, the patient can also use other precautions to support the healing: lose some weight, if overweight, stop smoking, lift the headboard, avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolate, mint and other food which may be connected with the disease.

For any information you can contact Doctor Zanier at the following email address: fisioheal@yahoo.it

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