17 July 2012
The epitome of a Summer must-have is no doubt the suntan. It must be uniform and long-lasting, not too marked, better if the skin is properly moisturised, particularly in this very warm season. It’s important to keep the make-up uninvasive and light, as well as providing a rich amount of vitamins and mineral salts.

I popped by my darling Silvia at ES (located in Piazzetta Palladio 15 in Vicenza, Italy), to get some pieces of advice on how to protect my skin from the sun.

I was immediately introduced to the brand “Materia” (in English: Material) by Mario Mariani, widely well-known botanical consultant and standing out for his sublime touch gardener, who takes care of the green spaces in Milan most famous V.I.P. flats, and not only that. The “Materia” brand is very particular and the fito elite ingredients are combined with expressions which make them the most efficient products for the health and the protection of the visage and body. Everything 100% natural, of course.

I’ve tried also the texture of “Jeu des Garçons” suntan creams. They are perfect for those who, like me, are very hard to please when it comes to quality and needs a non-chemical protection, but rather physically filtered, obtained from minerals and completely bio-environmentally friendly. “Anti oxidant soleil corps SPF 15” is optimum – it feeds the skin and makes it ready to sun exposure. It prevents cellular oxidation and the formation of free radicals, it’s not greasy, easy to be absorbed, it contains no perseverates nor scents. I can even use it for my sons: ultra-precious!

After bathing I will use “Anti Agind après soleil visage/corps”, with its sweet and delicate scent coming from the essential oil of mint. Nothing chemical, ça va sans dire. All ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly: karitè butter, sweet almonds oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe extract. Perfect also for children, who adore laying in the sun for hours!

The make-up must enhance the visage without being too heavy or too visible. I asked for Silvia’s advice and she provided me with the exclusive creations of Jafe Iredale, world most famous make-up artist, personally chosen by Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola – along with his daughter Sofia – for the make-up of their casts. I found the line “Maple” ecstatic – it enhances the dark chocolate tones of the suntan thanks to the mineral powder almost invisible on the face. It has a SPF 20, a bunch of anti-oxidants – among them pine bark and pomegranate extract, seaweeds (which are perfect for aged skin) – in other words: it is perfect for us.

The Purepressed base prevents from the lost of moisturise and it protects from the UV radiations. There are more then twenty different shades, what are you waiting for to get yours?

And now the final touch, with a scent perfect for the soirée. “Sooud” by Stephane Humbert Lucas, a pioneer of the artistic perfumery. The image of woman from Middle Asia has been chosen to illustrate new and charming fragances – Soous is mistery, the connection of two worlds getting together in one point. And then we have “Ouris”, my personal choice. Ouris means “Sublime” and it is composed by a symphony of fragrances – a voyage among blackcurrant, peach aromas, plum, jasmine and the freshest tones of white cedar – which is an invitation to the discovery of real beauty. A puff of my scent is like a dream, a sky full of stars beheld from the desert, an emotion that I can only suggest to try.

Enjoy your Summer!

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