26 September 2014
Today we enter the universe of beauty designed by Sephora through the Secret Garden in Vicenza: here our photographer Luciano Doria went along us with his camera and he immortalized the amusing colours and the captivating forms of the must-see products of our autumn. The result is to be found in our special gallery: are you ready to fill your eyes with colourful news?

Luisa chose these products for us:

Kiss Me Balm: a ligh hydrating balm with the shape of a little egg that hydrates our lips.

Lip ink that can be modulated and that lasts for ages.

The soft brush for face, lips and eyes.

The super practical journey kit with douche gel, body cream and sponge.

The soft and colourful trousses-pouches in various sizes to customise with the sticky letters contained inside.

The 14 new fragrances and the 14 new colours of Shower gel without parabens and dermatologically tested. With a real sensory treatment, its composition gently cleanses our skin leaving it soft and delicately scented.

A super colourful gift box where we can put the products we like the most already planning our Christmas gifts.


Have you taken your notes? Now let’s go shopping!
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