04 June 2014
Soup Opera is a beautiful project. The manager of the Doppiozero Company Paola Buzzini, a contemporary art expert, enthusiastic cook and Ottagono and Vanity Fair editor, explained how her project was born, when art meets fine cooking in a smart, original and delicious way!

Paola, what are your first cooking and art memory?

Cooking reminds me of home and my mom. As a child I loved making gnocchi with her! My passion for art came later, at high-school, even though my father has always painted and my brother has an artistic flair.

What’s the ingredient that stimulate your creativity the most?

Oh, that’s hard! I really love vegetables and spices, but I can’t choose a single ingredient. I have a lot of fun also with fruit when matched in the least traditional way.

If you were a kitchen instrument, what would you be? And if you were an artwork?

A sharp knife and conceptual art.

What’s the meal you enjoy preparing the most?

Dinner: it’s when you relax and meet your beloved ones.

What have you got up your sleeve for your future?

Many things: some really good food bloggers and I are shooting some videos and on 6th June I’m going to be at the Mart, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento, at the Galleria Civica at a Cooking Show for the plastic language exhibition of the twentieth century.

Take note, dear readers, because you can’t miss anything of this!
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