12 May 2014
Passion: jewels
Spring in Vicenza means the Gold Fair has come again: thanks to our friend and contributor Nur we’ll meet today a great designer who’s coming back here every year to share her passion.

“Ortaköy is one of the most loved borough by the inhabitants of Istanbul. Just before moving to Vicenza, I discovered right there a nice and little shop. It seemed like Fate took me to Osenmi where, among all those good luck bracelets, I bought the one that would have come along with me in my new life in Italy. Talking to the owner Ayse, I found out that she was also going to the Gold Fair in Vicenza. What a coincidence! It’s been four years since then and every year we meet here at the fair so I decided to interview her to know her story. After working many years for one of the most famous advert agencies, the “Parc Mc Cann Erickson”, she founded her own agency named FIDEL where she worked until 2004. After being quite sick, she decided it was time for a radical change: she completely changed her life and job at 44.

Why did you choose to work with jewels?

I made my dream come true! Advertising is a creating process that gave me a big satisfaction as well, but I’ve always enjoyed designing jewels, since I was a child. My jewels are not to be kept in a safe, they are thought for your everyday life, you can wear them with jeans or with an evening dress. They are elegant, practical, casual, light and most of all handcrafted because each piece is made with love!

What’s your main source of inspiration?

Mythology, actually. I often use mythological symbols, like my logo which represents the triple power of ellipse and the Sky, diamonds stand for the Earth and hearts for the Human. The three together create a synergy which instil the universal energy to who’s wearing them.

You often come to Vicenza for the Gold Fair, what do you think about it?

I’ve come here for ten years now and I always find it very well organised down to the last detail. Besides, the location is perfect: designers, sellers, buyers and all jewel enthusiasts can meet in Vicenza.


Thanks Nur for letting us know Ayse, we’ll await for your next surprise!
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