12 March 2014
Violet wool
We interviewed Mary for the restyling of her beloved and followed Lifestyle blog Wool Violet , where she teaches how to relizzare inspiration and to renovate and give a new touch to our home, but also to our wardrobe with goodies lifestyle , fashion and beauty . Just what we need to welcome spring with open arms ! Read along with us ?

Which Material that represents you most ?

One of the materials that fascinates me most is the wood, an element that in its deepest veins expresses the history of its natural evolution. But it is also a flexible and robust material that can be used to create many pieces of furniture.

Spring is coming : which decorations to celebrate ?

Fresh and colorful flowers ! What's better in a blooms season for excellence ? Take home a little piece of nature is good for the heart and soul.

A true expert in DIY can not live without : Pinterest, YouTube or grandmother tricks?

Absolutely Pinterest, is to me a sacred source of inspiration ! (Here his beautiful profile ! )

You like your new website because:

Because is functional, innovative and above all because also rappresent me through the smallest details!

Creativity is a gift of nature or a goal that we can all achieve?

Each of us can educate and cultivate their creativity by being creative is important to open our minds and focus our attention towards the world . Any creative has an inexplicable need to satisfy their innate curiosity !

How much energy Mary, we love it!
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