04 December 2013
small masterpieces Made in Italy created by designer Giorgia Caovilla
Revolution walks in comfortable shoes. We're not talking about modern colorful sneakers , but O Jour shoes, small masterpieces Made in Italy created by designer Giorgia Caovilla . The Georgia's intuition shocked the world of shoes with a simple operation : less inches heel , more attention to detail to give a result that combines glamor and convenience, style and versatility. We had dedicated this post to her and today we are very happy to have as our guest on DDmag with this ultra-glamorous interview.

Elle wrote about you: " You know exactly what to wear." How did you come to give this perfection to your own style?

Assuming that perfection does not exist , I believe that the right balance is achieved while maintaining harmony in the heads and in the colors you wear , never missing that little touch of originality that distinguishes every woman. The litmus test to figure out which outfit is the right one is when you get out of the house pleased after have been looking yourself in the mirror.

What is the moodboard of your new collection? What inspired you?

For the Spring Summer 2014 collection I let myself be inspired by the Italian garden. Each creation refers to a flower, the mood is glamorous and delicate. Petals, flower heads and leaves come to life and turn into uppers and original variations of the theme of the flakes , always distinctive and stylish touch of O Jour .

Who did you first announced your "revolution" of the mid heel?

A Neiman Marcus ( American leader in luxury retailers ) . It was one of our first customers and when I explained my idea to revolutionize women's shoes "coupon " heels without losing femininity , has shown from the beginning to believe and support O Jour , introducing us to the American market with great success .

How many shoes should have a woman in your opinion?

You do not need to have a full wardrobe, it takes even a few shoes, but the important thing is that they are of high quality and with differents heels and shapes , to be ready and clean in every situation.

If you had to think of a modern Cinderella who wears O Jour, who would you have in mind?

Without a shadow of a doubt Charlotte Casiraghi, young woman, style icon and future mother .

Giorga really enchanted us with his words, and even more so with its beautiful eyes, have you seen them in the gallery?


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