05 August 2013
behind the scenes: Chilesotti for Denota
The pictures can tell stories, even when it comes to products and brands. Thanks to Luca Chilesotti and his father (who we got to know in other Ddmag posts), I could see "up close" how is it possible to tell a product essence story through the shots. In this post I was accompanied by Luca behind the scenes of his latest photo shoot for the next “Denota” catalog. 

Outside pastel coulor satin bags, garnished with colorful but never noisy ribbons, Inside tasty delights for the palate ... How to rappresent the delicious world of Denota in one click? According to the creative director, we opt for the micro-environments recreated in the studio. This solution allows us to move around the set a lot more easily than a "real" location. 
For the set we need:
- theater wing (to recreate various situations of walls behind the shelf);
- Tables, cupboards, worktops for kitchens, cabinets, chairs and seats, frames, pictures, graphic, lamps, wall clocks and everything that does not disturb the product and that can helps us to define a little piece of home.
At the end of three days of shooting, the food is halved photographed ... and we weigh a couple of pounds more. "

It 's true, Luke was able to create an home atmosphere : missing cat curled up in the chair, but it seems to be in the kitchen of our friend Antonella, the soul and the heart of Denota.

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