17 May 2013
New jewelry trends + wine
In the today post style , there's a lot of me: there are jewellery – of one of my dearest friend bijoux eshop, Giulia di Giulia has a beautiful shop, and “Al servizio del bere” whit a family selection of fine wine . The Julia jewels anticipate the summer fashion trends , so shabby & chic. I wanted to pull close these things so precious to me because the Vicenza Gold Fair opening, the undisputed reign of the new jewelry trends: so i propose this post to please both husband and wife.

The bottles that you see in the gallery are as follows:

Pierre Jouet Belle Epoque Champagne: Champagne noble and refined a manufacturer known around the world since 1811.

Barbaresco Gaia: One of the best expressions of Piedmonte red wine . Full-bodied, austere and rigorous, this noble wine is suitable to game dishes.

Cervaro della Scala, one of the best Italian white wines of the Antinori winery house .

Solava: from Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes, Tuscan wine par excellence.

Champagne Ruinart: Founded in 1729, the winery Ruinart is the oldest producer of champagne in the world. The fruity and soft wine has conquered the palates of all.The experience of “Al servizio del bere” is just a short walk from the Vicenza Gold Fair.

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