13 February 2013
Ubique chic

Telling fashion with a poetic writing and evocative images: a challenge (won) by Eva thanks to his blog Ubique chic. DDmag have met her where she live, in Padova, for a interview , works and is inspired by her surroundings.

Tell us in three words about your relationship with fashion.

Subjectivity: fashion is a range of alternatives and be able to choose according to ourselves taste, every season, every day, fashion is to give the preference without homologate, having fun and build a personal style.
Habit: a head without a soul, though beautiful, is only fabric. It 's the way we carry it into clothes.
Art: everyday dress is the opportunity that we have to play, call the nature, color and interpret, to be a little 'artists, for our pleasure and for those around us.

How to be a fashion blogger in Padova? The web really undo the gap with the fashion cities such as Milano?

The web increases the possibility of knowledge, but will never be able to reproduce atmosphere.
Padova combines writing, favors purchases part-time, allows observation points niche: that's why I love my city.

Once we entering your blog we perceive that the visual inspirations are important to you: the pictures are huge! Tell us why this choice?

Because i undergo the beauty of quality, the only thing that is able to generate evocation and, consequently, stimulate creation, in my case writing exercises.
The final package pleases me and hope to give you a pleasant reading of emotional elegance to those who are passing for Ubique Chic. In short, I propose that the shots are a bit 'a showcase that encourages to enter the content of the words.

The post that you keep in your heart?

Really hard question! I loved all my posts, because each is the result of a state of mind, an observation, a thought or a chat ... Among the many I quote "E il sollevar m'è dolce" simply because you should wear the poetry of a simple gesture.
Think about it, could be the poster Ubique Chic!

What do you like about DDmag.it?

Ddmag.it find topics of heterogeneous, territoriality, synthesis and good humor, held together by a strip of tasteful contemporary design.

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