09 January 2013
NEU3 Studio rebuild the art of jewellery
In the Heart of Vicenza the City of Gold, designers of NEU3 Studio rebuild the art of jewellery.
We asked to Bruno Dal Gallo some questions to define this new design concept.

What's in NEU3 name?
First of all a new creativity concept. Secondly the team: three designers with more than 15 years of experience in the jewellery and industrial design.

When first start Neu3?
Conceptually Neu3 started in the 2009 Summer. We were coming from different experiences, but our paths came accross to follow togheter the idea of beauty, without losing our self identity.
So we decided to put our strenght and ideals in this new project which started in January 2010.

Your strong point?

The technology that we use is what makes us different . Thanks to our 3D programs, we disclose our high definition renderings to our client. From the project planning phase we leave no doubt about the real final result that it can be literally touched.

What is inspiration for you?

Beauty inspiration may come from music, art or fashion design. Day after day we feel the need to express our emotions in a new jewellery project.

What are your new challenges?

We have to deal with a worldwide crisis so we must be realistic, the jewellery market is affected by a new people's relation with the Jewel object and also the increase of gold price makes it more difficult to sell. Our challenge starts here, from the desire to keep on projecting Jewelley wich have their own identity and exclusivity. 

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